SLED Contracts

DISYS Solutions Inc. (DSI) has a proven history of successful State & Local Government and Education (SLED) business and we have term contracts nationwide. Our consultative approach allows us to first determine the customer’s requirements and then match it to specific solutions and services to meet their business needs. DSI will be your single point of contact for the entire project lifecycle, from design and implementation to support and maintenance.

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Colorado Flag
  • State of Colorado: Cisco Computer/Data Communications Products and Services

District of Columbia

DC Flag
  • WSCA: Cisco Products, Software, and Services; Ironport Products and Services


Florida Flag
  • Miami-Dade County: Cisco Equipment, Software, and Maintenance


Georgia Flag
  • City of Atlanta: Information Technology Hardware & Software Supplies
  • Clayton County: IT Products & Services for Cisco, Smart Net, WebEx, and Tandberg
  • State of Georgia: Cisco Networking Equipment and IT Infrastructure Products


Maryland Flag
  • City of Baltimore: Network Hardware and Associated Peripherals
  • State of Maryland Dept. of Human Resources: Cisco WebEx Enterprise
  • State of Maryland Dept. of IT (DoIT): Hardware Master Contract
  • State of Maryland Dept. of IT (DoIT): Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software Contract
  • State of Maryland Dept. of IT (DoIT): PBX III Telecommunications Equipment and Services Master Contract
  • State of Maryland Dept. of IT (DoIT): Consulting and Technical Services CATS+
  • University of Maryland - College Park: Cisco Products and Services
  • University of Maryland - Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC): IT Hardware

North Carolina

North Carolina Flag
  • City of Charlotte: Cisco Products and Services
  • City of Jacksonville: Cisco Products, Smart Net Maintenance, and Value Added Services
  • University of North Carolina SRA: Cisco Equipment and Smart Net Maintenance
  • US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (USETPA): Cisco Products and Services for LAN, WAN, and Security

South Carolina

South Carolina Flag
  • State of South Carolina: Cisco Network and Firewall Products; HPE Network Hardware & Services


Texas Flag
  • DIR-TSO-2542: Cisco Products and Services
  • DIR-TSO-3359: HPE Networking Hardware and Services


Virginia Flag
  • University of Virginia: Voice Infrastructure; other Goods and Services
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VASCUPP): Cisco Products and Services
  • Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA): Network Wireless and Wired Hardware and Services